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Requires Loudness


Even though I'm a fan, I'm not posting this for the music but instead for the bad ass art direction/set design/still-motion photography. Check it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

check the last trick

weird metal megapost

gonin-ish from japan

direwolf, dude from behold...the arctopus' solo project

atheist, death metal with jazz influences

candlemass, doom legends

krallice, US technical black metal (footage from uzumaki)

cold blooded old times

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Al' Tariq

peep tha thick legged sistas.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

this book shreds

great book about throwing rocks at trains by aaron cometbus, the king of bay area zines.


“There is a time to stop reading, there is a time to STOP trying to WRITE, there is a time to kick the whole bloated sensation of ART out on its whore-ass.”

“Some people never go crazy, What truly horrible lives they must live”

“That is what friendship means. Sharing the prejudice of experience.”

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim found dead.

Just when A&E was in the works of the three Corys. What a shame. I coulda been a star. Maybe Feldman is still down, who knows.

A classic part

Ladies and dudes who skate, Mike York, Yeah Right.

Post Script,
Sorry equivocal, i deleted that music player post because it was slowing the site down like fucking crazy, it takes me like 3 minutes to load the site because of it. Sorry again.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen

litany of hate - r crumb

‘I’m such a negative person, and always have been. Was I born that way? I don’t know. I am constantly disgusted by reality, horrified and afraid. I cling desperately to the few things that give me some solace, that make me feel good.

I hate most of humanity. Though I might be very fond of particular individuals, humanity in general fills me with contempt and despair. I hate most of what passes for civilization. I hate the modern world. For one thing there are just too Goddamn many people. I hate the hordes, the crowds in their vast cities, with all their hateful vehicles, their noise and their constant meaningless comings and goings. I hate cars. I hate modern architecture. Every building built after 1955 should be torn down!

I despise modern music. Words cannot express how much it gets on my nerves – the false, pretentious, smug assertiveness of it. I hate business, having to deal with money. Money is one of the most hateful inventions of the human race. I hate the commodity culture, in which everything is bought and sold. No stone is left unturned. I hate the mass media, and how passively people suck up to it.

I hate having to get up in the morning and face another day of this insanity. I hate having to eat, shit, maintain the body – I hate my body. The thought of my internal functions, the organs, digestion, the brain, the nervous system, horrify me.

Nature is horrible. It’s not cute and loveable. It’s kill or be killed. It’s very dangerous out there. The natural world is filled with scary, murderous creatures and forces. I hate the whole way that nature functions. Sex is especially hateful and horrifying, the male penetrating the female, his dick goes into her hole, she’s impregnated, another being grows inside her, and then she must go through a painful ordeal as the new being pushes out of her, only to repeat the whole process in time.

Reproduction – what could be more existentially repulsive?

How I hate the courting ritual. I was always repelled by my own sex drive, which in my youth never left me alone. I was constantly driven by frustrated desires to do bizarre and unacceptable things with and to women. My soul was in constant conflict about it. I never was able to resolve it.

Old age is the only relief.

I hate the way the human psyche works, the way we are traumatized and stupidly imprinted in early childhood and have to spend the rest of our lives trying to overcome these infantile mental fixations. And we never ever fully succeed in this endeavor.

I hate organized religions. I hate governments. It’s all a lot of power games played out by ambition-driven people, and foisted on the weak, the poor, and on children. Most humans are bullies. Adults pick on children. Older children pick on younger children. Men bully women. The rich bully the poor. People love to dominate.

I hate the way humans worship power – one of the most disgusting of all human traits. I hate the human tendency towards revenge and vindictiveness. I hate the way humans are constantly trying to trick and deceive one another, to swindle, to cheat, and take unfair advantage of the innocent, the na├»ve and the ignorant.

I hate the vacuous, false, banal conversation that goes on among people.
Sometimes I feel suffocated; I want to flee from it.

For me, to be human is, for the most part, to hate what I am. When I suddenly realize that I am one of them, I want to scream in horror.’

“Hell is other people” – Jean Paul Sartre
“Hell is also yourself” – R Crumb

Monday, March 8, 2010

sieban smokin'!

Happy International Women's day duuuudes

I'm no connoisseur of skateboarding but I just now saw Micheal Sieban does a lot for skateboard mainstays, i.e. a skateboard camp for kids and this weird Adidas commercial:

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