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SNL Commercials

If you're like me, you love SNL. If you're not like me and don't like SNL, you fucking suck. Hopefully you'll change your mind after seeing these.

Colon Blow

Oops i crapped my pants.



hell yaaaa

Stuff You Don't Know (or maybe you do)

Alright, my plan is with this is to post interesting facts that we all (im sure?) find interesting. Also I think we can learn stuff from these new posts. Entertaining yet informative. Party on.

1)Nanook is the Eskimo word for the Polar Bear
2)Eleven uppercase letters in the English alphabet are identical to their mirror image.
3)Alaska, Hawai'i, California and Washington all have active volcanoes.
4)Finland contains 60.000 lakes and has at least 30.000 islands off its shores.
5)Goulash is the specialty dish in Hungary.
6)Geneva, Switzerland, is the derivitive for the name of the drink GIN.
7)Not only being the saltiest bastard on earth, The Dead Sea also has the earth's lowest inland elevation point.
8)Merida, Mexico has over 20.000 windmills.
9)Andrew Jackson was the founder of the Democratic party in the U.S.
10)Plato Wrote and passed down the thoughts of Socrates.
11)Driving at 60MPH, it would take a little more than 176 years to travel the 93.000.000 miles to reach the sun.
12)If you were to drain all the water on earth, Hawai'i would have the tallest mountain measured from top to bottom.
13)Bernard Webb is Paul McCartney's pseudonym.
14)While he was president, Frankin Roosevelt always kept a GUN under his pillow.

New Think 2010 Promo.

Goddamnit! It's about time Think had a legit team. Peep the promo and get a skate boner.

THINK 2010 from Street Corner Skate on Vimeo.

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hey mates

goin on a date with my plate full of hate.
my stomach turns at the sight of the thing.
it looks just like the back of my mind.
seeing it close up almost leaves me blind.
a fork made of fire.
a knife made of drugs.
it seems as if im staring straight.
into the face of my nemesis.
as it begins to wrap itself slowly around my point in time.
i feel the smoke seeping through my face.
into the backest blackest part of my brain.
so with a fork made of fire.
and a knife made of drugs.
i force feed myself.
on a plate full of hate.

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the 1st