Saturday, June 25, 2011

White People Problems

Complaining about getting your order wrong at a restaurant and not politely telling the waiter about it. So you wait, pissed, chatting with your group/your shitty/ girlfriend/wife about how crappy the service is here. As time passes, you grow increasingly frustrated and you're intermittently taking it out on the waiter, who had nothing to do with the construct of your over-priced and shitty food. Every time he comes by, you say nothing about what you've ordered but you shoot quips at him about how hes not doing his job "up to par" (white people love using golf lingo in everyday situations). As you finish, you're pissed---your night is ruined. You go to pay and you finally say, "you got my order wrong blah blah blah....i want a discount or a refund". They give it to you, your meal fully comped and you leave, without giving the waiter a tip.