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more skate hate

This is gonna be great.

Skate Talk Live with Jereme Rogers. Challenge him to a rap battle. 8PM sharp

hey death

yeah, i've smoked holes in my lungs and i gotta admit it was just a quick high, but isn't everything that way, even if you've worked ten years on it, the rush only lasts a second, all the long hours of our lives spent in the service of these tiny fragments of time, because they're the only places we ever owned something, and even though it always got away, and always too quickly, at least for a second, we had it. and that's where we breathe.

The day was too bright already and I had the shits. Tired and irritated we pulled up to a stop light and there and behold a couple of jerk off, brainwashed Mormons stand baking in the afternoon sun. They were pale with corn fed faces, a shock of light hair, the cult-like suit and that fucking grin. And those damn bicycles. Jimmy rolls down the window, leans out and:

Hey you, God doesn't exist
You think so? replies the minion of ignorance
I know so pal, see you in hell.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

a story by my boy duce.

Rear-view mirror: check. Opcons working great. Like always, reliable. I love things I can rely on. But back to the situation, its amazing how much you can feel fine and in your zone, then with a quick walk across the parking lot; hell, mindlessness, repetition of destruction. Tearing you down lower then the floors you knew to be foundation. It doesn't help its 30 fucking degrees outside, and no one has taken care of your new responsibly of breaking down a million card board boxes, gutted for all they are worth. At least out here with a huge jacket, I don't look employed. No name tag, no logo. you could mistake me for any other mindless parasite in the god forsaken town. But I wonder if any of them have the same gut wrenching hangover that I do. The fucking sailor. Fuck! these drugs aren't working right. Maybe a piss and some warm water to thaw out my hands is what needs to happen. After walking in the front door, you are hit with the stench of these high class pigs complaining about their 75 dollar meal. And once you get past that, the echo of "can I refill that for ya" and "how is that cooked for ya" in this place is enough to drive anyone insane. Its amazing how nice people will be to a complete stranger for a few extra bucks. Scanning the room I see something that sticks out in this bland lifeless tomb. The biggest corn bread hillbilly I have ever seen. Mugging me up and down just as hard as I am him. This fucker looked and smelled like he spent the last 5 years sitting in a trailer in the middle of no where drinking bud light and watching jerry springer as he chain smoked himself to death. He was probably circumsized when he kneed his sister in the jaw. What he was doing here? Adding to the stench, ruining my day, who knows. All I know is that I need to take this piss before my bladder explodes. I enter the empty bathroom and check my eyes again. Apcons still working. BANG! I am startled by the loudest noise I've heard in a while. I'm not easily startled. I hear a thick southern accent "everyone get the fuck on the floor!" "terry, grab that faggot out of the bathroom." I think quick, back left pocket! My hand flies for it. Success. Reliable. I love things that I can rely on. I later came to find out that Terry Hickson had fled his bumb fuck town to avoid being thrown in jail for kidnap and rape. Sick mother fucker, I could see it in his eyes when they met mine. It doesn't seem like he thinks about the things he does too much, but I bet he would have thought twice about intruding that bathroom if he would have known me and my hatchet sized flip action pocket machete were waiting on the other side. It only took one swipe to make this man change his profession from robbery to gasping for air and pleading for his life. Their is nothing like the feeling that warm blood sends down your spine. Its ironic, terry came in here to demand things everyone had, and now he is begging me for things I can't do. At this point, a knee to the chin is all it took to shut him up. Limp lifeless bodies have a hard time holding onto possessions. In this case, terry had a roll of hundreds and a prescription bottle. It seems someone had a drug problem. Terry solved my drug problem. "Put the barrel in your mouth and give me all the money in the register." I can't believe how loud this guy was screaming. He was obviously louder then he was smart. I know that If your looking at the register, your back is to the bathroom door, and it just so happens Terry left my a nice little .357 extended clip semi automatic glock 33. It wasn't hard to open the door without him noticing, he was ranting and raving about killing everyone. I started at the floor, got the site fixed and worked my way up, the second it was at his dome piece, I pulled the trigger. BANG! I knew it would work. Glocks are reliable. I love things I can rely on. Luckily the cashier was a little shorter than oversized hillbilly number 2. Although I'm sure she didn't feel too lucky cleaning brain and blood out of her hair deep into the morning hours.
SNAP OUT OF IT! Jesus christ! Wake up, you need to take this piss before your blader explodes. Your eyes are fine. I guess these damn drugs are working like I want them too. I knew they would. Reliable. I love things I can rely on.

purple diamond

things she carries

With my tits squeezed tight into this stretched out extra small American Apparel deep v in summer mint julep green, I remove the layer in a fuss and toss it into the bottom of my Tory Birch braided blue leather beach bag that I swiped from the outlet store last weekend. With the blessed secular flesh above my nipples now exposed to warm ultra-violet rays in the salty mist, I feel just the proper rating of provocatively self-conscientious. I tie up the halter strings of the black and white Africa print polyester bikini top, slap on my black turned ash gray hemp ‘bows, their thong straps between the big little piggies and the awkward tall slender ones. Applying a light mist of Hawaiian Tropic perfect tanning SPF 4 oil, I’m ready for the sand.

Through a gateway of typical palms, I scope my favorite bench, Eleanor Capello’s, memorialized for her by her rich family back in ’88. “We Miss You. A genuine, compassionate, loving Wife and Mother. We will be seeing you soon Ellen” reads the inscription. I often wonder how many stop to read Ellen’s little rusty plaque and find the final words as creepy as I do. I drift and wonder about Ellen sometimes, when I’m putting on my eye shadow in the mirror or when I iron my blouses before work, or make dinner on the electric stove for one. Was Ellen happy? Did she enjoy being a wife and a mother? And my favorite mystery to ponder- how did Ellen meet her death at only thirty-seven?

I drain the final sip of my bitter triple iced Americano and dump the plastic into a blue bin and turn to skirt to the ladies’ room to change my Playtex and relieve my bladder. Then, I suddenly feel the weight of hungry gazing eyes feasting on my bare flesh. Darting my glass-veiled lashes I rest my sight on the Blue Man. The gray red-billed gull perched stoutly to his left seems the perfect companion for this vagabond.

Sirens blare on a residential road past the parking lot and I realize I’m still sorta staring at him while strutting to the restroom shack. The Blue Man stared back, mouth not all the way closed, lips chapped and parched.

Snapping my gaze down into the side pocket of my patent Juicy handbag I fish out my Blackberry and pretend to check a message, disappearing into the doorway of the restroom. The ceiling isn’t all the way attached to the walls so the sunlight is allowed to burst in, forcing discreet shadows on the white square tiles.

I’m glad the room is empty when my peripheral vision spots a sign of disturbance in the space, an additional object- a long, deeply welled trough in shiny silver aluminum. Slightly obscured from view behind a half-wall for some privacy on the west end, adjacent to the stalls and directly foregrounded by the sinks with tagged, vandalized mirrors- unlike those in the ladies’ room. For just a moment, in the silence, I stare at the trough and imagine several men standing there with their floppy members out, pissing together. But then I remember that men dislike pissing next to one another, so I’m baffled by the design of this particular urinal and can’t help but watch the men in my imagination morph into livestock covered in filth, feasting on slop. Men like animals. As I turn on the worn out heel of my sandy slippery flip-flop and chuckle at my silliness, I retreat to my designated side of the shack.

Outside again, perched on Ellen’s bench I watch a surfer tool and his bimbo lady pass. Suddenly, he turns, gags, and hawks a loogie onto the concrete. Do you think it means anything when people, commonly men, spit as they walk past you? I’ve seen this a hundred times easily. They hawk a little loogie and eject this otherness, this thick form of bodily fluid, the shit from your clogged lungs, the yogurt-like particles of bacteria alive in the back of your throat, or the mouthwash on your tongue, projectile phlegm onto the ground with a light slap. Is this act a marking of territory in defense or offense? Is it some sort of signal? Why consider these notions at all?

Because if you can’t trust or rely on the signals you receive, what else is there? Void voyeurs and false realities.

It’s a little funny, a little charming in a slightly unnerving kind of way when you can feel someone resting their eyes on you, or sneaking sideways semi-regular glances and you catch them while sneaking the same glances back beyond the deep mahogany shade of your Balenciaga lenses. So you cough, tug at the jagged cuts at the bottom of your short choppy haircut. You would tie it back in a pony for a beach day but with the newfound length this is impossible without half of your hair straying free of the elastic and hanging madly off to the sides with your straight-across bangs; in a not-so-cute kind of way. Your hair doesn’t seem to want to grow long these days, just outward, expanding.

His arms are up now, the Blue Man sits on the concrete ledge and rotates his arms in a flag-like triangular formation with fingers interlocked, palms pressing the back of his cerebellum, encased by a sharp widow-peaked buzz cut, gunmetal gray. His face weathered by the sun, maybe he sits here every day across the entrance to the women’s room and watches, waits. The palm trees cast their sharp angular shadows, skinny straight, bursting at their tops like fireworks.

Its pretty unbelievable, how much torture her eyes expel. As if she had been buried eight feet under in a plywood rectangular coffin, and managed to force her way up and back out of the earth, gasping for air. A $9.99, classy trash broad. Rise and let me look at your ridiculous face all half covered and caked with glowing dust bronzer. She yearns for punishment. Will she let me give it to her? I keep pretending to stretch my triceps, traps, pecs. I’m still a little tight from the last tramp I handled.

If she could, she would stop me, but she’s mine now, helpless. It’s the wood that should fear your hands, not the other way around master says. The world is site specific, like speaking Cantonese. Is it better to be so proficient in one language that you’re able to craft wordplay, or is it better to know three languages but nowhere near the level of proficiency? For the second option, you’d be able to communicate with so many more people. Though, still not quite deep enough to really understand the other through language, through your limited capacity to know.

What’s the name she’s buried under? This girl in green, slushy melted margarita girl. You’ll never know until you fish through her baggage, her identity hidden amongst all the shit she carries; unless she tells you first. Wrap your brain’s lips around this.

Relief of regret?


But which one outweighs the other?


Because in these last agonizing moments, this woman deserves better.

Hence, its handle- death incarnate. Venom that causes paralysis, then death from paralysis within thirty minutes. She’s a bad assed lady. She’d kill your brother in the uncut edition, snatch out one eye and gouge the other in. Unsaved by the flush. She, a treacherous dog. I’ve got a little treat on the end of my leash just waiting for her to bite.

A bald patch atop his head, crows feet wrinkles like cracks in the desert canyons, blue-stripe short sleeved, faded jean shorts, starchy white ankle socks, New Balance trainers. Hands sparkly with the silica dust leftover from naps in sands of time. Beat man, vagrant, lost soul, thin legged, tough armed with bulging veins. Open-palm outstretched, an offering? He shields his face away to the north side of the beach when I look up from my paper, no fair. I can’t read the color in your eyes.

A large man sporting a company polo in mauve, a wretched expression on his face, he flashes his eyes my way, at my little bench-stop before straining his neck back to gaze at the gagged blue sky, cloud-encroached. “Rats in the sky,” large man mutters with a grimace and the nudge of his beer belly, thick like the padding of a medicine ball. He trod heavily away, his elderly wife at his side having to withstand all of his negativity for too many years.

Passing the large man and his wife in, a young boy bounces towards me. Hopping around all smiles in a little green polo, not unlike the one you ripped, orange from the Mervyn’s catalogue that mom ordered for you in second grade for picture day and you felt like a tomboy then and mom worried a little bit. When you jumped off the swing into the tan bark the edge snagged on the chain upon blast off. It was brand new and mom was unhappy when you walked home with your little chin pointed at the yellow linoleum in the kitchen.

To the right, approaching, wearing aged Nike cross-trainers, a ghost of familiarity. I flinch a little. Same woman she seemed, scorpion woman- short but sturdy strides, petite in height but pear cobbler round the waist and thighs. Curling yellow flames of hair tendril out and up into the air from her dome. The same exact sweater as mom, zipped up and hooded, in shades of tie-dyed floral without looking hippy crunchy granola. Nature-patterned, this lady appeared hurried, irritated. She doesn’t look my way. Scorpion woman.

Now you are the voyeur.

You always were.

Blue Man finally stands after twenty solid minutes of ‘stretching’ and looking at his watch and staring at me without a word from across the boardwalk. He walks away abruptly and I know he’ll return.

She’s been sitting for forty minutes with her legs crossed, protected, focused on her pen and paper. She looks less of a victim now, more of a spectator, activated somehow. I notice the ever-slight adjustment in her gestures, the insistent resolve in her pen strokes. Feverish now she turns the next page and continues on. To relieve my erection I tuck myself behind the button fly of my jean shorts and shuffle away uncomfortably. One lap should do, quick enough so that she can’t escape.

I drag at my Camel Light and exhaust wispy fumes into the atmosphere; I check my bank account and work emails on the Blackberry. And eleven minutes later, leather skin and blue stripes return, standing at his favorite ledge stretching his sinewy calves like a runner. Right beside a white line of seagull shit that oozed down like paint on a blue tennis court, hard surface like the US Open sponsored by Mercedes Benz.

Stretching his arms now, his pectorals, a mating gesture? A motion for mingling? Too difficult to tell since there is no exchange of speech, no words to fill in all these gaps.

Not even that tight gap in the back of your throat as the head of his dick jams closed the dark space, careening into your esophagus, choking you later in the closed stall adjacent to the livestock trough under nightshade. Talking leads to touching, touching leads to sex and then there’s no mystery left.

Simply a dirty fantasy. When my Blackberry rings and its my mother I have to leave Ellen’s bench because the wind whipped up and would have wiped away words in a cellular dialogue. I know she’s going to ask about my treatment, and I’m not supposed to be outside. Packing my things, I throw a steady gaze back at the Blue Man wearing a face like sadness riddled with regret.

the mind eraser

three parts kpax.

All Bets Off

Everything's all right. I've got everything that I've always wanted. But still I feel like something's missing. Powerless I sit as I watch my world fall down around me. I'd scream for help but who would listen? I'm determined to endure. Fuck the dumbshit. I'm determined to endure. Dismantle. Survive. Break free from the shackles of the daily grind. Dismantle. Survive. Kill your elders. Free your mind. Ten bony digits are wrapped around your throat. Pressure's applied and you start to choke. You can't see the light but you can smell the death, tell me what would you say with your last breath?

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Random Facts For your Brain.

Im going to try to post a bunch of these from now on. Now you can impress people at formal junctions with these tidbits of information.

The real Daniel Boone detested coonskin caps.
The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.
In 1920, the average check at a diner was $.28
Baby giraffes drop 6 feet to the ground when they're born.
More than 2.2 million Americans play the accordian.
Its against the law in Cedar City, Utah to drink beer with your shoes untied.
Afghan hounds are the dumbest dogs alive.
Full grown Grizzly Bears can bite through 1/2 inch steel.
Movie star Errol Flynn used to work at an Australian sheep farm, biting the balls off of sheep.
The word "noon" originally meant 3P.M.
There are an average of 550 hairs in the human eyebrow.
Disneyland has the 4th largest Navy in the world.
Ghandi is buried in California.


Go here if you like legit skate sites.



29 years since Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon. Burn in hell you piece of shit.

dcoi pullout stz woo party

F -

babe smoking

pastels are scary

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eighty deca

my man matt gettin down in the eighty deca closet

Thrash your fucking face off

Why Jerry Why?

I felt like Jerry deserved a theme song.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

waiting for pot

epic collab, majority of it done by two of my favs

Stomach Smokin'

I dont sleep well

i got hella drunk yesterday.
i dont know how i didnt even drink that much.


we had a whoooooollllllleee buncha fun im pretty sure.
we laughed a lot and shit.

beers beers beers.


and hella more beers.




i passed out at like fuckin midnight.
and woke up wide eyed at fuckin five am.

so i got hella high.
drank a beer.

and left and went and took some pictures of wild sun up shit.
i had fun.
it was fucking cold as tits though.


link it to my photobucket to see more of those.. their tight.

gotta go but some shit at best buy so i can get my advertising bullshit on.
work work work.
im hella tired.

party on.

lesson for the day

There was a much lower death rate inside the hospital than outside the hospital, and a much healthier death rate. Few people died unnecessarily. People knew a lot more about dying in side the hospital, and made a much neater, more orderly job out of it. They couldn't dominate Death inside the hospital, but they certainly made her behave. They had taught her manners. They couldn't keep Death out, but while she was in she had to act like a lady. People gave up the ghost with delicacy and taste inside the hospital. There was none of that crude, ugly ostentation's about dying that was so common outside the hospital...

They didn't explode into blood and clotted matter. They didn't drown or get struck by lightning, mangled in machinery or crushed in landslides. They didn't get shot to death in hold-ups, strangled to death in rapes, stabbed to death in saloons, bludgeoned to death with axes by parents or children, or die summarily by some other act of God. Nobody choked to death. People bled to death like gentlemen in an operating room or expired without comment in an oxygen tent. There was none of that tricky now-you-see-me-now-you-don't business so much in vogue outside the hospital, none of that now-I-am-and-now-I-ain't. There were no famines or floods. Children didn't suffocate in cradles or iceboxes or fall under trucks. No one was beaten to death. People didn't stick their heads into ovens with the gas on, jump in front of subway trains or come plummeting like dead weights out of hotel windows with a whoosh!, accelerating at a rate of thirty-two feet per second to land with a hideous plop! on the sidewalk and die disgustingly there in public like an alpaca sack full of hairy strawberry ice cream, bleeding, pink toes awry.

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Rapist gets his wig split

The famous footy and the backstory behind this killing. Pops got vigilante justice on this fuck.

Warning: if youre a pussy and cant handle some real shit like someone getting shot in the dome, dont watch it.

Vengeful Father Kills Child Rapist
This video does a good job of explaining what's going on, but the important part is that there's one more bullet in the head of a child rapist. I used to have the raw footage of this which was a lot more graphic, but I can't find it now. If you have it, please send it to me...
Get humor videos at NothingToxic

I killed the Fuehrer!

We found the door after a concrete labyrinth that would make any man mad. Jimmy opened the door and I put one straight through his skull. The bastard’s brain splattered on the cement wall behind him. The gush of blood and skull debris exploding was sort of an exclamation point. It was over. We all sat down to smoke his tobacco and play with the dog. We burned his body, along with the rest of his Aryan cronies, outside. And that was that.

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big teeth

mind dump. stuck. 
I had no idea clicking the pictures makes them larger. 

pictures customers leave behind.

No title Just something i wrote.

This time i wasn't so lucky... As I walked through the automatic sliding doors I took a quick look around the joint, no obvious threats appeared, but with this kind of crowd you never knew. It was dimmly lit with a smoky atmosphere and an old style jukebox that played ancient 45's. Records I thought must of cost him a fortune. The him I was referring to was Cussler the owner of this joint, Cussler was a beast, he looked like one of those outlaw bikers from the 1970's, the hells angels, but they havn't been around for decades eversince that damn virus. I took a seat next to this ogreish of a man that looked like he just got in a fight with a bear and won, nearly his life.
"A shot of Jack straight up" I demanded from the bar keep, she didn't seem amused, altho the bags beneath her eyes told a bleak story of what this middle aged women must go though, working a double shift then running home to take care of her two bastered sons and a long line of unfulfilling relationships, got to give her credit for still holding it together. I slam the first and quickly order a second, killing the nerves for whats got to happen. while walking in I noticed the door leading to the back, the "big man" must reside through there, going to have to make a quick entrance, there's monitors everywhere in this joint, hopefully the guy watching is high off his ass and can't see straight, high hopes but what the hell, doesn't hurt to be a little optimistic in this cold synthetic world. Finishing my second shot i order another, a double and shoot it down like one of those train robbers in the wild west, man what a life, guns, brads, booze, living for the next heist, killing for a better life. the bar keep was cleaning a glass when i asked her where the latrein was, she threw her head in the direction of a book case. They were popular a few years ago, doors masquerading as book cases. its funny because no one reads anymore, the teleview replaced that need. What was there slogan "Learn anything from the comfort of your couch, its as easy as sitting or eating!" What a dumb slogan, for a population that's de-evolving, turning into mutants of a new future. maybe thats why I don't feel so bad about taking there lives, shit half of them are high on these new super psychoactive inhalants, they lose there identity within seconds and turn into the living dead which they never recover. while draining my snake in a stall I noticed that someone had wrote "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING" by SLOTH, seeing this i quickly am pulled back into the reality at hand, so i pull out my pre-war M1911 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol modified with a newly acquired scope and a ten round mag carrying jacketed hollow points, not the most advanced piece of weaponry but it works. I cocked the gun, and immediately after, the ogre beast from with in the bar walks in, I froze waiting for a reaction. Most of the guys around here carry weapons so seeing mine isn't much of a shock for him. He quick draws for his piece, BANG! straight through the heart. must have been one of his goons. so much for the element of surprise, quickly I gather my thoughts, but.... MY HEAD whomp-whomp-whomp, seeing double i quickly fly into a poop stained stall, I don't know what's going on, can't find my equilibrium, i feel my body is pulsating, i can feel my blood throbbing in my veins, I feel like i'm going to explode, letting out a scream none the likes i have ever heard or preformed, i return to normal. i can't figure it out but i feel fine, fine enough to kill me some of the lowest of the lowest of scum to ever walk these filthy city streets. Feeling fucking awesome I hop up and pull my fucking gun out and get ready to kill.... I fly out the fucking bathroom and start firing out in all directions,BAMB stupid fucking bartender dead, waitress fucking dead, EVERYONE IS FUCKING DEAD! I RUN.. end up in park lit up with crap pipes lighting up the ground only to find the pain within killing me... Seeing the blood I collapse. Fuck this city, fuck this life, fuck this everything.

just some random pictures from new york. R.I.P iz the wiz.

burning nostrils

The pain was immense. Like a knife wound. No, worse. Like a bullet lodging itself in my gut. Even worse then that because for this there was no remedy. I could not call the ambulance and get treated at the hospital. I could not get stitches to stop the bleeding. No cauterizing of this internal lesion. It just wasn't that easy. This was, was, was, is, is different. Oh, the pain! So what did I do? I dropped out. I snuck into the military base. I stole a ship. Right under their dirty pig noses. Those fucking swine! Brutes! The ship was a great spider-like silver star traveler. I flew and flew and flew until I passed out from exhaustion. When I awoke a blue pearl of a planet filled my viewing portal. Those foul beasts would be onto me soon...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

.... cold drunk nights....




no matter where i go.
or what i do.
my shattered heart.
still looks to you.
the liquer makes.
you sicker and sicker.
you lose your will.
quicker and quicker.
the shit it gets.
so to bottom i go.
with my fists balled up tight.
i prefer to sleep alone.
in the gutter to night.
i want this fucking world.
out of my sight.