Friday, December 4, 2009

burning nostrils

The pain was immense. Like a knife wound. No, worse. Like a bullet lodging itself in my gut. Even worse then that because for this there was no remedy. I could not call the ambulance and get treated at the hospital. I could not get stitches to stop the bleeding. No cauterizing of this internal lesion. It just wasn't that easy. This was, was, was, is, is different. Oh, the pain! So what did I do? I dropped out. I snuck into the military base. I stole a ship. Right under their dirty pig noses. Those fucking swine! Brutes! The ship was a great spider-like silver star traveler. I flew and flew and flew until I passed out from exhaustion. When I awoke a blue pearl of a planet filled my viewing portal. Those foul beasts would be onto me soon...