Thursday, December 3, 2009

One Love.

It was somewhere around mid 2000 when skateboarding changed my life.

I remember the day, my Grandmother being the awesome person that she is was always down to transport me to my favorite spots when i was a young kid. She'd take me to Andrews Park in town when it was at the hight of its popularity, it was everyones spot. Remembering the people doing the shit that they were doing there blew my mind and i wanted to get that good. But the sessions at Andrews wasnt what instilled my love for skateboarding deep into my brain and into my heart. It was the first time I had gone to the Woodland skatepark that first got me stoked. If you dont remember it, it was an indoor skatepark that was nothing short of amazing, everything was perfectly set up. They even had a skate shop in there as well as a kick it room with an old television, you know, the old wooden cabinet looking ones. In this room my life changed forever. I had just got finished with my session in the park and went into the room to chill for a while. A video was on and i hadnt really been familiarized with them before because I couldnt really afford to get any. I sat down to the start of Marc Johnson, in a white suit, with a giant note pad. The video was Modus Operandi. The newest Transworld video at the time. I was captivated by this bald dude who was talking about skateboarding. It felt like he was talking to me and me alone. And when the opening notes of Built To Spill's The Plan first rang out I got goosebumps and seeing his frontside boardslide down that white rail sucked me into what became a lifelong obsession and love for me. Every time I see this video part I still get the same nostalgic feeling. It takes me back to the single greatest day of my life. The day my life changed forever. The day I fell in love with skateboarding.

Marc Johnson Modus Operandi.

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