Tuesday, December 15, 2009

hey death

yeah, i've smoked holes in my lungs and i gotta admit it was just a quick high, but isn't everything that way, even if you've worked ten years on it, the rush only lasts a second, all the long hours of our lives spent in the service of these tiny fragments of time, because they're the only places we ever owned something, and even though it always got away, and always too quickly, at least for a second, we had it. and that's where we breathe.

The day was too bright already and I had the shits. Tired and irritated we pulled up to a stop light and there and behold a couple of jerk off, brainwashed Mormons stand baking in the afternoon sun. They were pale with corn fed faces, a shock of light hair, the cult-like suit and that fucking grin. And those damn bicycles. Jimmy rolls down the window, leans out and:

Hey you, God doesn't exist
You think so? replies the minion of ignorance
I know so pal, see you in hell.

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