Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Painfull Kills.

This first one comes from the 1981 slasher flick The Burning. This is considered the first real slasher movie of all time and id say from this scene it does the genre well. Also another side note is that this is Jason Alexander's and Miramax's first movie.

This one may seem a little cliche but think about how bad it would fucking hurt.

Lucio Fulci never disappoints with murder in his flicks. I have personally never seen a gunshot blast to the cheek before in a movie. The movie is called The New York Ripper.

If you're down with fucked up italian horror flicks like i am, you will certainly appreciate this scene. This is from Dario Argento's Opera. And I have to say its my favorite death scene in any movie ive ever watched. The video may be 4 minutes and some change but watch it, its fucking worth the wait.

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  1. The nightmare scene is so rad, but the last one made my eyes hurt.