Sunday, December 6, 2009

I dont sleep well

i got hella drunk yesterday.
i dont know how i didnt even drink that much.


we had a whoooooollllllleee buncha fun im pretty sure.
we laughed a lot and shit.

beers beers beers.


and hella more beers.




i passed out at like fuckin midnight.
and woke up wide eyed at fuckin five am.

so i got hella high.
drank a beer.

and left and went and took some pictures of wild sun up shit.
i had fun.
it was fucking cold as tits though.


link it to my photobucket to see more of those.. their tight.

gotta go but some shit at best buy so i can get my advertising bullshit on.
work work work.
im hella tired.

party on.

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