Friday, December 4, 2009

No title Just something i wrote.

This time i wasn't so lucky... As I walked through the automatic sliding doors I took a quick look around the joint, no obvious threats appeared, but with this kind of crowd you never knew. It was dimmly lit with a smoky atmosphere and an old style jukebox that played ancient 45's. Records I thought must of cost him a fortune. The him I was referring to was Cussler the owner of this joint, Cussler was a beast, he looked like one of those outlaw bikers from the 1970's, the hells angels, but they havn't been around for decades eversince that damn virus. I took a seat next to this ogreish of a man that looked like he just got in a fight with a bear and won, nearly his life.
"A shot of Jack straight up" I demanded from the bar keep, she didn't seem amused, altho the bags beneath her eyes told a bleak story of what this middle aged women must go though, working a double shift then running home to take care of her two bastered sons and a long line of unfulfilling relationships, got to give her credit for still holding it together. I slam the first and quickly order a second, killing the nerves for whats got to happen. while walking in I noticed the door leading to the back, the "big man" must reside through there, going to have to make a quick entrance, there's monitors everywhere in this joint, hopefully the guy watching is high off his ass and can't see straight, high hopes but what the hell, doesn't hurt to be a little optimistic in this cold synthetic world. Finishing my second shot i order another, a double and shoot it down like one of those train robbers in the wild west, man what a life, guns, brads, booze, living for the next heist, killing for a better life. the bar keep was cleaning a glass when i asked her where the latrein was, she threw her head in the direction of a book case. They were popular a few years ago, doors masquerading as book cases. its funny because no one reads anymore, the teleview replaced that need. What was there slogan "Learn anything from the comfort of your couch, its as easy as sitting or eating!" What a dumb slogan, for a population that's de-evolving, turning into mutants of a new future. maybe thats why I don't feel so bad about taking there lives, shit half of them are high on these new super psychoactive inhalants, they lose there identity within seconds and turn into the living dead which they never recover. while draining my snake in a stall I noticed that someone had wrote "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING" by SLOTH, seeing this i quickly am pulled back into the reality at hand, so i pull out my pre-war M1911 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol modified with a newly acquired scope and a ten round mag carrying jacketed hollow points, not the most advanced piece of weaponry but it works. I cocked the gun, and immediately after, the ogre beast from with in the bar walks in, I froze waiting for a reaction. Most of the guys around here carry weapons so seeing mine isn't much of a shock for him. He quick draws for his piece, BANG! straight through the heart. must have been one of his goons. so much for the element of surprise, quickly I gather my thoughts, but.... MY HEAD whomp-whomp-whomp, seeing double i quickly fly into a poop stained stall, I don't know what's going on, can't find my equilibrium, i feel my body is pulsating, i can feel my blood throbbing in my veins, I feel like i'm going to explode, letting out a scream none the likes i have ever heard or preformed, i return to normal. i can't figure it out but i feel fine, fine enough to kill me some of the lowest of the lowest of scum to ever walk these filthy city streets. Feeling fucking awesome I hop up and pull my fucking gun out and get ready to kill.... I fly out the fucking bathroom and start firing out in all directions,BAMB stupid fucking bartender dead, waitress fucking dead, EVERYONE IS FUCKING DEAD! I RUN.. end up in park lit up with crap pipes lighting up the ground only to find the pain within killing me... Seeing the blood I collapse. Fuck this city, fuck this life, fuck this everything.