Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mad Scientist Part 1!!

He stood in his lab, lighting each smoke with the one before. Observing his work, he was filled with something close to pride. The bomb was small enough to fit in a briefcase and could kill millions if placed in the right spot. Say, a metropolitan city would do just fine. But the bomb was intended for just one, and if it killed more in the process the news would say terrorism, collateral damage, tragedy. These words meant little to the man, the one in the lab who chain smokes without discretion. He was unconcerned with worldly matters, taxes and television and parties, that was all Earthly bullshit. This was war, and there wasn't time for such things that did nothing. He lived for something bigger than himself, unknown to his fellow citizens who would die for the love of a single person, which is really dying for the self. They knew nothing and He knew nothing, only that he loved his laboratory. The instruments clicking and humming, all this work only to destroy. He was having doubts, but nothing substantial enough to change his mind. He wore glasses and hated contacts. He suffered from cluster headaches and took Tylenol 3 for them, a bit of Codeine to smooth out the edges. His veins were dark and scarred from needles and one ear was missing a piece, from a knife fight he could no longer recollect.

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