Thursday, February 18, 2010

i can't find peace!

Five senses cannot sense the fact of our existence and that's the only fact. In fact there are no facts. Facts smear facts and I'll telegram a hologram and telephone the son of man and tell him he is done. Leave him a message on his answering machine telling him there are none. God and I are one. Time's moon, time's star, time's sun. The factor is me, you remember me. I slung aim at this rock on Saturn blocks til I got caught up by earthling cops. So I stopped combing my mind so my thoughts could lock. I'm tired of trying to understand. Perceptions are mangled, matted, and knotted anyway; life is more than what meets the eye and eye. So elevate I to the third but even that shit seems absurd when your thoughts leave you third isolated. No man is an island but I often feel alone, so I find peace through, "ooohhm..."