Saturday, February 20, 2010

this android smokes

this fine piece of ace doesn't even know shes a robut, nonetheless she still smokes like a hu-man.


  1. you think if you tried to have sex with her, if she was down that is, do you think that your dick would just hit a bunch of metal innerworkings of the robot or did the engineers make it so you could bone down on her?

  2. you could bone down on her. even anal

  3. if i was harrison ford, id be like "dyaaaaamn robot girl, you lookin fine as fuck and i can stick my dick in you? why havent i been all about this already? i mean ive been after this princess lea shit for a minute but that bitch sucks, making out with her brother and shit. and i heard future me is boning down on some skinny ass white bitch that had a tv show that sucked my cock called ally mcbeal. but you know who was raw as fuck in that shiit? my nigga robert "i fucking party" downey jr. that fool got caught with some trees, that white bitch and some stank ass hrrwon, that nigga parties. i heard hes clean now, but we all know whats really going on. how do you think he got his middle name? exactly. you aint foolin anyone nigga, hit me up, i got an ounce of that space coke i guarantee you aint neva seen shit like this before, first time i hit it i was like "fuuuuuuuuuck!" jabba the hut thought i was a bitch for geekin for a minute but fuck that, my homegirl came through and choked his slimy slug ass out. i guess all those years of that bitch trying to suck MY dick finally got to her and she said "dyamn that nigga might hook up with that bitch from blade runner so i best bust a move on this mark ass bug and get that dick, i cant be competin with no robot pussy, i mean im a princess, but my shit blew up, so that dont mean shit anymore cuz, ya feel me? i gotsta work for my dick" but for real though, robert downey, hit me the fuck up and we can get all cocked up and run a train on this robot bitch."